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Admission to the Academy of St Cecilia

The Academy of St Cecilia is a broad-based world-wide organisation with members drawn from many diverse disciplines, similar to the Royal Society of Arts, sharing a common interest in early music. Membership is therefore open to all, not only musicians, who share this involvement and enthusiasm for this period. Membership is normally conferred at Fellowship level (FASC) with entitlement to wear the distinctive academic dress promoting the corporate identity of the Academy.

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Admission as an Associate (AASC)

The Associate level of membership of the Academy is open to those with an interest in early music. The minimum age for membership is normally fifteen. Candidates wishing to apply as Associates must be proposed by a Fellow of the Academy and should complete an application form accompanied by a covering letter.

Admission as a Fellow (FASC)

Candidates should, on application, indicate the following:

Their involvement in early music either as a performer, promoter, academic, teacher, student, concert organiser, choir member, orchestral player, or simply as an enthusiast.

Their willingness to promote, and specifically in what area they might contribute to the advancement of the Academy of St Cecilia.

Admission as an Honorary Fellow (HonFASC)

Admission as an Honorary Fellow is usually made by invitation of the Chapter to honour achievement and excellence. Fellows of the Academy may nominate a candidate, in their region or country, using the criteria set out below as a reference, for submission to the Chapter. Anyone who fulfils these criteria may themselves apply directly to the Chapter for consideration, with the additional submission of two referees.

Candidates may include heads, officers and staff of musical organisations, universities, examining bodies, or ensembles, who have made a significant contribution to early music; through scholarship and academic excellence; musicians with a national or international reputation as performers of early music or who have made a significant contribution through the promotion of early music at national or international level.

Admission as a Corporate Member

The Corporate level of membership of the Academy is open to institutions such as choirs, schools and ensembles to affiliate themselves to the Academy of Saint Cecilia. The full benefits of membership of the Academy are available to all individual members at this level. All applications at this level will receive careful attention and individual requirements can be discussed with an Officer of the Academy. The subscription for corporate membership may be adjusted according to the size of the institution.

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Guidance Notes for Candidates

The application form should be mailed to the Academy, together with a completed bank mandate form.

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The current yearly subscription, which falls due on 1st November, is £27.50 for Associates and Fellows, and £50 for Corporate membership (there is no subscription for Honorary Fellows). Non-UK candidates should send a cheque or bank warrant for £27.50 (£50) or the equivalent in local currency. There is a joining fee of £5 (except for Honorary Fellows).

Upon acceptance of a candidate's application by the Chapter, they will be sent the necessary authorisation from the Registrar to purchase the academic dress of the Academy. This can be purchased from:

J Wippell & Company Ltd
88 Buller Road
St Thomas
United Kingdom

Telephone: (+44) 1392 254234
Web: http://www.wippell.co.uk

The latest prices and post and packaging charges can be found at the bottom of the Academic Dress page.