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Early Music Advisory Panel - Enquiries

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The Early Music Advisory Panel is a group of musicians, experts in their field of early music, who are available to answer specialist questions. Enquiries can be related to: historically informed performance practice and repertoire, style, interpretation and ornamentation, performance pitch, instrumental and vocal technique, concert programming, etc.

Click here to see the list of panel members.

To make an enquiry, either send an email to

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or post your enquiry to the Academy (see the Contact Us page for our address) stating which panel member you wish to have answer your enquiry. Whichever method you use, you should post a cheque to the Academy payable to the Academy of St Cecilia. The fee is 20 for Fellows of the Academy and 50 for non-Fellows.

We will forward your enquiry to the panel member and will pass their reply back to you. In the unlikely event of the panel being unable to answer your enquiry, a full refund will be made.