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Australian Society of Musicology and Composition

The Australian Society of Musicology and Composition is the first and only Australian organisation offering a diploma examination system in composition and musicology as well as recorded performance. The object is to allow for maximum flexibility in the nature of material submitted for assessment, while maintaining the highest possible standards of examiner qualification. Non-Australian candidates are most welcome to apply.

Bromley Boy Singers

The Bromley Boy Singers is a concert choir based in London's largest borough, to the south-east of the capital. The choir is completely independent and performs regularly throughout the borough and at other venues in London and the surrounding area. It has a wide repertoire of classical and modern music, performing in its own concerts and costume productions, as well as with other choirs and occasionally at private events.

Cantiones Press

The Cantiones press was founded in 1996 to provide attractive and authoritative editions of Renaissance choral music. The majority of works in their catalogue have either not previously been published at all, or cannot be obtained in formats which are financially viable for choirs and consorts. Each work is presented in a clear, uncluttered style, along with an introduction which gives valuable background to the music and a guide to the editorial processes by which the edition has been shaped. Their publications are therefore welcomed both by professional and amateur groups; by those with a specialist interest in the repertoire, and those who simply want to investigate exciting and intriguing new areas of choral music.

Cotswold Early Music Festival

Cotswold Early Music Festival was founded in the year 2000 (as the Cirencester Early Music Festival) to promote early music in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire and in particular in the Cotswolds area. The objects are the advancement of education, appreciation and enjoyment of music by the presentation of concerts and other musical events, in particular but not exclusively in the field of Early Music. By regularly holding concerts by young musicians it seeks to encourage and educate those still at school and learning to play a musical instrument. Although not regularly funded by any body it seeks sponsorship, donations and advertising revenue to enable ticket prices to be kept as low as possible.

G F Handel home page

This extensive website lists recordings, new releases, forthcoming releases, reviews / favorites, literature, recent publications, recent music editions, concerts and workshops as well as many links to other sites including the Maryland Handel Festival, the American Handel Society and to London's Handel House.

Gregorian Chant

Gregorian Chant workshops and master classes available throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas. Chant tuition for individuals, parish groups, cantors, scholas or more advanced groups tailored to suit individual needs. Expert liturgical tuition by leading liturgical scholars available for clergy and lay people who wish to learn more about celebrating the Mass in either the ordinary or extraordinary form.

Libris - Reference Library and Research Facility

A resource website useful to musicians and others.

Music Sussex

A resource website for choirs and choral singers in Sussex, UK.

Neil Coleman

Neil Coleman is an Honorary Fellow of the Academy of St Cecilia and as a harpsichordist performs both as a solo recitalist and a continuo player in a wide range of repertoire. He gives solo recitals in London and has appeared at early music festivals around Britain, Germany and Hungary.

Plainsong and Medieval Music Society

Founded in 1888 the PMMS has played an invaluable part in the study and promulgation of liturgical chant and medieval polyphony. Their publications are used in many cathedrals around the world, and a revised version of Arnold's famous Order for Compline has recently been published.

Signum Records

Signum Records was co-founded in 1997 by the Academy of St Cecilia's Director of Communications, Alistair Dixon. The label specialises in historically informed recordings of music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Southern California Early Music Society

An all-volunteer nonprofit organization which supports the study, performance and enjoyment of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music. Members include ardent listeners, concert-goers, scholars, collectors, instrument builders and musicians... from amateurs to professionals. To encourage participation, our membership directory lists the skill levels and special interests of players and singers as well as a compendium of Southland ensembles and how to contact them.

St Cecilia School of Music, Australia

A natural outcome from one of Australia's largest and most successful music schools is an innovative and progressive examination and assessment system that now operates in every major centre throughout Australia. The examinations were developed thirty years ago by St Cecilia School Of Music teachers to assess their large numbers of beginner students. The aim was to provide students of all ages with an examination that would compliment their overall musical development.

St James Church, New Brighton, Wirral

The website of the choir of St James Church in New Brighton on the Wirral. Apart from singing the choral services at St James, the choir also gives concerts and sings at cathedrals during the holidays.

St Mary's Church, Eastbourne

St Mary's Church, Eastbourne maintains a high standard of music under the direction of Victor Potter, FASC.

The Friends of Cathedral Music

The Friends of Cathedral Music was founded in the 1950s by the Revd Ronald Sibthorp whilst Succentor of Truro Cathedral, because of his concern at the reduction in the number of choral services in the nation's cathedrals, then mainly due to wartime pressures. In the forty-plus years since its foundation, the society has made a significant contribution to the maintenance of the Anglican tradition of choral services. More recently the Friends have extended their support to Roman Catholic cathedrals. Since 1956 FCM has raised and distributed more than 500,000 in the form of grants to the many choral foundations in the United Kingdom and overseas. These have been used mainly to assist the young choristers, many of whom go on to become the altos, tenors and basses of tomorrow. The money has been raised from members' subscriptions, donations and legacies. Gatherings are held throughout the year, mainly at weekends, at a changing selection from more than seventy cathedrals, abbeys, chapels and churches where there are regular sung services. Members have the opportunity to listen to the choir rehearsing and attend the service itself, hear talks by the Directors of Music and clergy; make tours of the building, listen to an organ recital and demonstration. Afterwards, everyone is able to meet together informally at a reception in one of the fine halls or rooms attached to the foundation.

The Gregorian Association

The Gregorian Association was founded in 1870 to promote the singing of Gregorian Chant to English texts, and to overcome the prejudice which existed against doing so. Its policy has recently increased in scope, so that the it is now fully ecumenical, and promotes and uses the chant in Latin as well as Modern English and that of the Book of Common Prayer. Directors of Music have included Sir John Stainer, Francis Burgess, Arthur Clarke and Professor David Hiley.

Westminster Choir College, Rider University, USA

Westminster is a residential college of music located on a 23-acre campus in Princeton, NJ. Its typical student body includes 330 enrolled in the four-year undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts in Music degrees, 110 graduate students working toward the Master of Music degree, and 20 non-degree candidates. Its programs of study are career-oriented and designed to prepare graduates for music leadership in churches, schools and communities.

Willis Organ at Alexandra Palace, London

This website is devoted to fund-raising for The Alexandra Palace Organ. There is a history of Alexandra Palace and details of the Willis organ installed there.

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